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Armor Pack 1

Download Armor Pack 1 Free Unity. 

UPDATE: Pack now rigged with the Human Character pack and Elf Character pack! Half-Orcs coming soon.

Armor Pack 1 contains 20 unique textures from 5 very different armor models. Each one is modular, with many individual parts that can be turned on or off to create dozens of different looks. Substance Painter source files are included for the ultimate in texture customization.

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Bonus Files – Free upgrade after purchase
⚡ Armor Pack 1 – Bonus Files 1 – Substance painter files
⚡ Armor Pack 1 – Bonus Files 2 – Unreal files

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Customize your textures using the included Substance Painter source files. Change out materials, or make other modifications like adding dirt, or shifting colors, in minutes. Export the finished product in HDRP and non-HDRP maps, ready be used in Unity. Make the textures look they way you want them for your project.

Currently this package is ready as a PROP only, except for with my human pack. Armor is rigged for the human package only. There are packages on the Asset Store that claim to allow you to rig armor such as these to your character, though I have not yet tried them out.

(Coming Soon)
Exposed Blend Shapes allow for massive mesh morphing and customization. You can save settings in prefabs or script the shapes for in-game customization or randomization of your characters. Now you can spawn completely random enemies that all look different from each other.

For the highest quality sound effects, please check out my Magic & Melee Customizable Sound Library package. This pack contains a ton of sound clips, each with multiple variations, intended to be combined randomly at run time for the ultimate realism.