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Armor Pack 1 – Fantasy RPG

High quality, game ready armor rigged for Infinity PBR Humans, Elves, and Half-Orcs.

Armor Pack 1 works with the Human, Elf, and Half-Orc character packs, and works great with the Armor Pack 2, Clothing & Wardrobe Pack 1, Weapons and Armor Pack 1, and Pack 2, and Character Accessories!

Armor Pack 1 contains 20 unique textures from 5 very different armor models. Each one is modular, with many individual parts that can be turned on or off to create dozens of different looks. Substance Painter source files are included for the ultimate in texture customization.


Bundles – Get more and save

⭐ RPG Character Complete Bundle – Giant Bundle

Bonus Files – Free upgrade after purchase

⚡ Armor Pack 1 – Bonus Files 1 – Substance painter files

⚡ Armor Pack 1 – Bonus Files 2 – Unreal files

Free Expansion Projects

⚡ Character Creation / New Game Module

⚡ 2.5D Dungeon Demo Project

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