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Arcade Vehicle Ai

Arcade Vehicle Ai is very easy to use Arcade style Vehicle Ai Tool. You can create drivable vehicle Ai under 1 minute.

Arcade Vehicle Ai is mobile friendly very easy to use Tool. The physics is same as . It has a quick setup tool in which you just give references to vehicle body and wheels and click 2 buttons and your vehicle Ai is ready.

-The movement logic is same as Arcade Vehicle Physics.

-Features :

Quick Vehicle setup (under 1 min)
Path following ( for circut racing)
Target following (for car chase )

This asset is very easy to use. It has the basic Ai movement logic. This asset will be helpful for you if you are working on a arcade vehicle based game like car fight, car shooting, or simple racing with collectables and throwables, You can use this movement logic and add other functionalities according to your project need.

The code is very well written so its a great learning resource for beginners. And also very easy to modify as your project need.

For better vehicle Ai handling and more features check out Ash Vehicle Ai.

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