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Arcade Racer: Racing Game Development Kit

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This kit includes a number of modular tools that can be used with this project, and/or individually with other projects.


Additional Assets unlocked by purchasing this template:

IK Avatar Driver


Mobile Racing Game Template


NPC Chat 2


Timers & Clocks


This project is a Windows Standalone Game Template, which is great for starting a game/prototype or learning/referencing how all the various systems were used together to make a playable

Game Demo



Windows Standalone Game Template Key Features:

• Racing System: Control race settings, number of racers, racer prefabs, rewards and more with a modular racing system that allows you to set race content & settings via scriptable object profiles.

• AI Cars & Traffic System: Create scripted or cut-scene content, traffic simulations, AI racer opponents or other scenarios where you might need a AI cars.

• IK Avatar Driver: Bring the AI or player cars to life with the procedural inverse kinematics animated humanoid avatar and your own models; it steers, shifts (hand and foot), accelerates with foot, breaks with other foot, and looks in steer direction!