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Download Aramech FREE Unity. 

Aramech is only a GUI skin and not a coded product.
You need Photoshop to customize/edit/access this product, in it’s PSD form. If you do not have a Licensed Copy of Photoshop you will be limited with only the sliced PNGs.

“Aramech” is a futuristic, military-themed GUI that is suitable for RPGs or MMORPGs. Designed for PC platforms in mind. Slices are for 1920×1080. It’s possible to be scaled down for lower resolutions as well to a minimum of 1024×768.
This is a big GUI project and features many resources, boxes for professions, character equipment, inventory, abilities and much more. Multiple screens for character creation, loading screen and logins. See the screenshots for a full idea of what it contains.

-Sliced PNGs
-12 Main PSDs
-17 Resources PSDs
-Documentation RTF File