AR + GPS Location

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Unity AR+GPS Location

The `AR+GPS Location` asset brings the ability to position 3D objects in real-world geographical locations via their GPS coordinates using Unity and Augmented-Reality. It supports both Untiy’s  AR Foundation and Vuforia.

It works by mixing both GPS data and the AR tracking done by AR Foundation of

Check the full documentation for the asset here.

Download the Totem Capture demo here. In the demo you can select places on the map to place the 3D totems, and activate them by going near them.

— Main Features —

* Place 3D Objects in geographical positions defined by their latitude, longitude and altitude.

* AR Hotspots that are activated when the user is near a given location.

* Place 3D Text markers on real-world points of interest (example using OpenStreetmaps is included.)

* Smooth movements on device location and heading updates.

* Move objects or place them along paths (Catmull-rom splines) on the map.

* Augmented reality floor shadows.

* General purpose Catmull-rom curves and splines.

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    Hi How I Can download AR + GPS Location

    1. Unityassets4free

      You can go to the second page of the post and click the download button or read the how-to download the article. Thank you!

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