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Aquarius Fantasy Series: FAE

This is the second pack in my (AFS) Fantasy Series. This series is essentially an upgrade of my Ultimate Fantasy Creator, spread out into multiple packs. Each having their own unique set of prefabs.

This package requires Shader Graph to be installed from the package manager in order to use the custom shader for all things nature like the herbs, plants, and trees, and same with rocks, and water!


V 1.5.0:

– Adds 49 new prefabs, as part of the Mystical Update! (Placed into their own new folder)

– Fixed colliders on many of the tree prefabs.

– Added URP support for all custom shaders, which use shader graph!

– Enchanted Forest Demo has been changed to showcase all of these new prefabs!


V 1.0.0 Prefabs included:

Showing folder names and their content:


Prefabs – Nature:

hanging ivy
leaf piles
small plants
dandelion patches
canopy trees (great for backgrounds and fillers for tops of trees to create lush forest environments)
platform trees (with modular platforms attached. these can be removed for more tree variants, or rearranged for different height placements of platforms, depending on how high or low you wish your platforms to be placed!)
general scenery trees
massive stumps
hollowed tree bridges

Prefabs – Props:

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