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AnyPortrait is a great tool to help you create 2D character animations.
You can easily create 2D meshes and use a variety of animation techniques.

1.2.3 What’s New:
– The transition between 2 animation clips is smoother than before.
– Handling of transitions and layering of animation clips is significantly improved.
– Issues are fixed with control parameters in animation.
– An issue is fixed that blending would not work properly if clips were played repeatedly in Unity’s Timeline.
– “Timeline Simulator”, which previews the results of linking to Unity’s Timeline, is improved to work even when the game is not running in the editor.
-The UI of the editor has been improved.
– The shortcut key (Ctrl + Wheel Scroll) for zooming the animation timeline UI is added.
– Processing speed in major tasks in the editor is significantly improved.
– When you turn off Important property and place a lot of characters with fixed FPS in the scene, it is improved to suppress the occurrence of frame spike.
– You can set various appearance options for bones and rigging in the settings dialog.
– The appearance of the new bone, “Needle shape” is added, and can be selected in the Setting dialog.
– The code for selecting bones and circular rigging vertices is improved.
– When changing the visibility of meshes in the modifier, the option to switch without a translucent step is added.
– The setting to change the installation path of the AnyPortrait package is added.
– An issue is fixed where WebGL was excluded from basic support.
– Other bugs and typos have been fixed.

Please check the website for changes!
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Main Features:
– Work in a powerful GUI editor.
– Easily create 2D meshes using a variety of tools.
– Create a character automatically by opening a PSD file.
– Support clipping mask mesh.
– Various types of modifiers.
– Vertex Morphing.
– FFD, Soft Selection, Blur tools for vertex morphing.
– Transformation with color animation.
– Add bones that support IK.
– Rigging and Bone Animation.
– Multiple control parameters to control your character.
– Create a living character by controlling each part of characters with controller parameters.
– Configure dynamic and complex animations by setting a number of modifiers.
– Apply inertia and elasticity effects by adding Physic Modifier.
– Retarget and Pose Snapshot for making keyframe animations.
– Animation Events for scripts.
– Supports 10 languages (English, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Polish).
– Animation Curves for accelerated animations.
– A technique called Auto Loop Keyframe is applied to create a more natural loop animation.
– Script API that controls various features such as Bone IK, Mesh Color, and Blended Animation.
– For various objects such as illustrations, joint characters, and moving props.
– First-time user tutorials, reference documents, script API, and runnable samples on the homepage.
– Support Sorting Layer / Sorting Order
– Advanced Screen Capture
– Support Sprite Sheet
– Control animations with Mecanim
– IK Controller using external Bones
– Auto-Key
– Automatic Mesh Generation
– Support Perspective camera for 3D games
– Billboard feature
– Export MP4 video
– Lightweight Render Pipeline is supported
– Universal Render Pipeline is supported
– Unity’s Timeline is supported
– Material Library
– VR is supported

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