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AnyPath is a completely generic, lightning fast A* pathfinding solution for Unity.

AnyPath uses Unity’s job system and the Burst compiler. All of the heavy lifting is done on multiple threads and by highly optimized burst compiled code.

Because all of the customizability is done via generic type parameters, all of the code is generated at compile time. This means there is zero overhead in defining custom functionality. On top of that, there’s an efficient managed layer that hides the complexity of managing the native jobs, making it extremely easy to use.

Who’s this for?

AnyPath was designed for intermediate to advanced programmers with customizability in mind. If you just need a drop in solution for AI, then this framework is not for you. If you need total control over your data layout and fast pathfinding, then AnyPath is for you.

What’s not included?

– No agent code, you write the movement code yourself. AnyPath only provides a (processed) path to follow

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