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Anti-Cheat Toolkit 2023

Download Anti-Cheat Toolkit Free Unity

Anti-Cheat Toolkit (ACTk) designed to allow you to add some additional pain to the fellows UN agency cheat/hack/crack one thing in your game.

Includes numerous anticheat tricks and techniques in one place, straightforward to use, with careful docs and corner cases care.

== Common options ==
Protects variables in memory.
Protects and extends PlayerPrefs.
Detects speedhacks with false positives care.
Detects time cheating.
Detects three common styles of wallhacks.
Detects foreign managed assemblies.
Has neat ObscuredPrefs editor.
See details below.

== Obscured sorts ==
Keeps your sensitive variables faraway from all memory scanners and searchers (Cheat Engine, Game CIH, ArtMoney, etc.)!
All basic and few Unity-specific sorts are coated.
Tampering detection included!

== Obscured Prefs ==
Anti-Cheat Toolkit allows PlayerPrefs replacement with automatic migration, encoding and extra supported sorts.
All saved information is often optionally fastened to the device.
Tampering detection included!
Has editor for PlayerPrefs and ObscuredPrefs!

== Speed Hack Detector ==
Makes you attentive to nasty cheaters making an attempt to curtail or speed up your game.
Correctly reacts to the time glitches.

== Time Cheating Detector ==
Reacts on the distinction between offline and on-line time, permitting you to catch those that change civil time to speeding long-run methods (like building process, energy restore, etc). Works with weak web c WallHack Detector ==
Covers three common styles of wallhacks:
• shoot through the walls
• practise the walls
• surf the walls
Uses a generic sandbox approach permitting to observe unknown cheats.

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