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AnimPro MegaPack

AnimPro MegaPacks is a series of professional level motion capture melee fighting and movement animations suitable for any 3D game – action, platformer, hack n’ slash, fighting, beat ‘em up, RPG, Tactical – you name it. It features unique animations captured with great personality so that your game may come to life feeling vibrant and stylish .

AnimPro MegaPacks contains a complete set of 162 motion capture animations in 60 FPS of a martial artist with a lot of personalities. It also features a “drag and drop” Animator character controller built to test and show off the animations in action.

CHECK THE WEB DEMOThis package consists of 162 animations from which you can make game mechanics for:

It also contains: – 6 Skinned models and meshed level

All the animations are in FBX format in 60 FPS.