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Anime Style Girl: Haruka

Special anime style character : Haruka with UTS2! UTS2.08(Unity-Chan Toon Shader Ver2) include URP Support

1.1 Version Update (Summer Gift)

Thank you all for your support

Here is a Summer Gift for you~

* Add Swimsuit x 2 colors Polygons: 40826

* Full Body Include in this new prefabs!~

* totally 10 Prefabs now!

( Forecast: Version 1.2 is expected to be updated in late September or October and will add a set of fall clothing~ With the increase in clothing the price may be adjusted in the future)


•School Unifrom x 3 color Polygons: 44111

•Tshirt with shorts x 3 color Polygons: 47962

•Special dress x 2 color Polygons: 39728

•(1.1 Version Update) Swimsuit x 2 colors Polygons: 40826

•totally 10 Prefabs include

Rig: Humanoid

Blendshapes: 40 Facial expressions

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