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Animation Designer

Fix it in few clicks with Animation Designer!

⚙️ Keep original animation intact!

Save modified animation as separated AnimationClip file.

Store designer animation settings for multiple animation clips, in single preset file, so you can go back for tweaking animations design, in any time!

No additional Data/Components!

Plugin is not generating any new component or data on character models you animate with Animation Designer. Keep your workspace clean and think about this plugin as core software element of the Unity Editor.

Package offers advanced IK analyze algorithms which can help you add some heavyness to walk / run animations.

You can use Animation Designer not only with characters but with any type of animated object.

⭐ Carefully designed window for maximum focus!

Window of Animation Designer is designed carefully to not overwhelm user with too many GUI elements on the screen.

You can switch to focus mode hiding even more windows, to fully focus just on the needed sliders and values.

⌛ Time Saver for Animators!

Prepare base animation without full polishing, let do it the procedural motion algorithm. Add some flappyness to small limbs and bake it.

Adjust Unity Humanoid animation retargeting errors inside editor.

Community Forum Thread

User Manual

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Package works on all SRPs! It’s not shader related package.

(You just need to covert standard Demo materials for demo examples)

Built In ✅ LWRP ✅ URP ✅ HDRP ✅ Custom RP ✅

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