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Animation Designer

Innovative Animation Tweaking Tool For Unity Engine. Upgrade Animation Clips with procedural motion and bake it. Tweak Animation Clip pose and save it in new AnimationClip file.


! This is Editor Tool – No Playmode Required

! This tool is NOT dedicated for creating animations from zero point, it’s for upgrading/adjusting already animated clips

! This tool is dedicated for humanoid creatures but you can still greatly improve animals/creatures animations (for more check tutorials)

! This tool works with all animation types as: Humanoid, Generic and Legacy

! This tool is dedicated for 3D Skeleton Animations

! This tool is generating new Animation Clips, that means there is no additional CPU/GPU weight, you can use generated clips for VR/Mobile just like any other animations.

! This tool is dedicated for body animations, but NOT for fingers / face animation

! This tool requires some animation knowledge to make best use on your models

! Tool works with all render pipelines, just the demo scene is using two standard materials to convert.

⚡ Innovative Animation Tweaking Tool For Unity Engine ⚡

Upgrade Animation Clips with additional procedural motion and bake it!

Tweak Animation Clip pose and save it in new AnimationClip file.

Set additional motion to some bones and save new AnimationClip for use as animation variant.


Meet new workflow for tweaking animation!

All you need to do is using few sliders and curve window.

You don’t need to be an Animation Artist to work with this tool.

If you’re an Animation Artist, this tool will give you new possibilities!

? Maybe you bough package of some cool character but included animations quality is too low? Boost them easily with Animation Designer!

? You own lots of animation clips but you need one with arms rotated slightly different way?

Do it instantly with Animation Designer!

? Legs/Foot animation of your characters seems to be wrong?

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