You are currently viewing Animated Hands with Gloves + HDRP 2019.3

Animated Hands with Gloves + HDRP 2019.3

Fully animated Male and Female Hands / Arms with fingerless gloves, Sci-Fi Gloves with texture Variations and easy to customize designs.

HDRP versions of shaders, amterials, prefabs and scene are included. Please load relevent scene / use correct prefabs. If using Standard RP, HDRP shaders will show as pink and vice-versa. All shaders have been converted for you.

Female Arm: 2442Verts
Male Arm: 1010Verts
Male Hand: 921 Verts
Female Hand: 2307 Verts
Male Hand with Glove: 1027Verts
Male Arm with Glove: 1097 Verts
Texture Maps with Albedo, Normal, Spec, Gloss and Blood Version. 2048px by 2048px

– SciFi Gloves with 4 Albedo Map variations, 4k Textures, Metal-Smooth, Normal map, AO and ID map for easy adjusting in a image editing package. Plus Camo Texture version
– Female Arms with Blood Shader
– Gloves for Longer and shorter version added
– Many Animations
– Blood-Mixer Shader (updated to Amplify Shader version)

– Translucency control added to the mixer shader

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