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Animated Boiling Liquids

A pack of animated boiling liquid surfaces in different resolutions.
This asset will perfectly suit any project that requires quality
animated liquid surface, you can choose round and square liquid form
and the polycount from 2k triangles for performance up to 10k triangles
for more detailed look or visualisation needs
There is 2 animation variants for each liquid – short (50 frames) and long (100 frames)
You can change playback speed, and replace materials to change the looks of the liquids
Props shown in demo scene are included in package

Asset supports Standard (built in) render pipeline
but you can also use it in URP and HDRP – just assign your URP or HDRP materials.

Supported operating systems:
Microsoft® Windows® 10 64-bit
(When you build – make sure you select
x86_64 architecture in build settings )


In order to work properly asset requires Alembic package to be installed from Unity package manager.
You can check for this in window–>package manager.

Asset information:

28 unique assets listed below:
20 animated liquid surfaces
1 cauldron
1 floor
1 forge
1 goblet
1 oven
1 pot
1 stone_floor
4 table

1 demo scene
1 Scene with all prefabs
28 separate fbx models
30 prefabs
31 textures total in PNG format
17 materials