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Animated 2D Monsters (Fantazia)

Download Animated 2D Monsters (Fantazia) Free Unity. 

100+ Fully animated 2D monsters.

100+ Fully animated high-quality 2D monsters are now in the asset store.


Check all the monsters on this online demo


Biggest expansion ever: Added 24 new monsters!


Check the official Fantazia: Character Editor that allows you to create millions of characters with different classes and equipment. Each character has more than 10 animations. Click on this link to check the asset. They have similar style to these monsters.


Each monster has the following animations: Idle, Walk, Death and Attack. The animations are very smooth and high-quality.


All source files are included in the asset. You can easily manipulate them to create new monsters.


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  1. Ataga

    Hi, the download link is wrong, it is leading to another asset

    1. Unityassets4free

      Thank you for the feedback. Now its updated…

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