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Animal World GUI Pack

Download Animal World GUI Pack Free Unity. 

? The Animal World GUI Pack is a customizable, mobile-friendly game UI pack containing essential UI elements, icons and easily customisable prefabs with full C# source code. This pack will help you create your own game ui easily in a professional and playful animalistic cartoon style. ?

Animal World GUI Pack – Landscape – Web GL Demo ?
(+ Icons & UI Elements showcase)

Animal World GUI Pack – Portrait – Web GL Demo ?
(+ Portrait Level Map)

? New version 2.0 is now available!
This is the biggest update of the pack released so far. The whole project has been improved from the ground up, both aesthetically and in terms of following best UI practices (anchors, layout).

The new version 2.0 contains many new features and improvements such as improved organization and structure, improved animations, added independent prefabs for every fundamental UI element, new icons and avatars and much more! ?

? Features:

• Unique art and design
A professional art and design that make the pack ready to be used in any kind of games.

• UI & game icons included
240+ coloured icons, 40+ game icons, 60+ white icons and 14 Avatar icons included.

• Portrait level map included
9 Portrait level map images included, tillable for infinite scrolling. +1 cloud “level end” image included.

• .PSD source files and mockups included
In addition to the .PNG images, all icons, mockups and level maps are provided as .PSD format for any advanced customization you might need.

• Easily customizable
The pack uses 9-sliced sprite borders and white image backgrounds with which you can easily change sizes and colors. The button images are available in all kind of colors which makes it easy to choose a new color.

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