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Android Speech TTS

Download Android Speech TTS FREE Unity. 

An Android Plugin for Unity that will help you access Text Recognizer and Text To Speech features on Android devices within Unity.

New! Automatic Speech Recognition that works on Android and Oculus Quest Can work Offline, English, Spanish and Portuguese only

List of Features:

1. Speech To Text
2. Speech To Text Events
2. Text To Speech
3. TTS Set Locale ex. US, UK, Japanese
4. Text To Speech Set Pitch
5. Text To Speech Set Speech Rate
6. Text To Speech Set Speech Volume
7. Text To Speech Events
8. TTS get available locale on device
9. change language on Speech Recognizer but it depends on device, it may work or not
10. Speech Recognizer no beep
11. TTS get available Extra locale on device always depends on device if may work or not work
12. Added TTS Demo 2
13. Added Speech Recognizer Demo 2
14. TTS Synthesize to file
15. Load and play TTS Synthesize file

Note: Does not extend UnityPlayerActivity

Basic Setup | Demo

This set is just few features, if you want to access more features on Android device
We suggest you to buy Android Ultimate Plugin instead

Android Ultimate Plugin