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Amplify Shader Editor

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Worked in Renderer, HD, URP, and Lightweight SRP Support

NEW! New Start Screen window

NEW! Simple diagram offer and canvas Screenshot catches

NEW! SRP bundles auto-merchant

NEW! Similarity with Unity 2019

NEW! Backing for Post-Processing Stack shaders

NEW! Perfect with Substance in Unity module

NEW! Backing for Custom Render Textures

NEW! Backing for both HD, URP and Lightweight SRP

NEW! Multi-Pass on Templates

NEW! Xbox One/PS4/Switch Support

NEW! Territory support

NEW! Shader Templates

• Universal PBR/Unlit SRP

• Universal 2D Lit/Unlit SRP

• HD Lit/Unlit/Hair/Fabric SRP

• Lightweight PBR/Unlit SRP

• Custom RT Init/Update

• Post-Process impacts including Post-Processing Stack

• Alpha-Blended particles

• Sprite

• Unlit

• Unlit Lightmap

• UI

New Tool

• Post-Processing Stack Tool

New Samples

• Scale Independent Tile

• Volumetric Pixelize by Raphael Ernaelsten

• SRP HD Omni Decal

• Mosaic Effect

• Unlit With Lightmap

New Templates

• Universal PBR/Unlit

• HD Lit/Unlit/Hair/Fabric

• Post Process Stack

• Unlit Lightmap

New Nodes

• Inverse Projection Matrix

• Inverse View Projection Matrix

• HD Emission

• Voronoi

• Gradient

• Gradient Sample

New Shader Function

• Inverse Lerp

• Random Range

• SRP Additional Light

• Flow

• Twirl

• Normal From Height

• Noise Sine Wave

• Sawtooth Wave