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Amplify Animation Pack

Download Amplify Animation Pack Free Unity. 

600+ animation sequences ranging from basic locomotion to wall climbing, cover, weapons, swimming, boats, and varied other interactions. Starter third-person controller and Blender source included.

Full set of animations ranging from locomotion to boating, swimming, and varied interactions. Whether you’re making a sandbox game, tactical espionage sim, or exploring uncharted ruins, the starter Third-person Character Controller will get you rolling faster than ever!

Take it for a spin with our Demo Scene: Download (Right Click, Save As / Windows)

Full animation list: Amplify Wiki

Manual: Amplify Wiki

NEW! Start Screen Config Wizard

NEW! Ladder Mechanics

NEW! Plunge Attack

NEW! Movement Leaning


Blender Source
600+ Animation Sequences
Third-person Controller (Work in Progress – Not all features available)
Full Source