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Ambient Skies – Skies, Post FX, Lighting

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Welcome to Ambient Skies, the integrated Skies, Post FX, and Lighting system for Unity.

Have you ever looked at an amazing scene from a pro, and wondered how they did this with Unity when all you seem to do is a struggle? We have, and the difference between mediocrity and jaw-dropping often comes down to the correct use of lighting and post fx, and this can be incredibly difficult to get right!

We created Ambient Skies to solve this for ourselves! We wanted a system that could get the best out of Unity, that was compatible with any other system we wanted to use, and that could create consistently beautiful scenes with amazing lighting and visuals with minimal time, effort and frustration.

Ambient skies deliver professionally matched skies, lighting and post effects, and a powerful set of tools to help you to get the best out of your scenes. It works with all render pipelines, lighting, and post fx modes, and makes informed decisions on how to configure Unity so that you get consistently good results.

Ambient Skies is made up of Skies, Post FX and Lighting. Each system can be used independently or mixed together as desired so you can use Ambient Skies by itself, or mix and match it with your favourite sky and weather system to get the best results for your scene.

All settings are logically grouped and self-documented so you will never again need to work out where to go to find and change that setting on a particular pipeline or wonder what the setting does – just tweak it and see the result instantly!

Key Features:
– Full pipeline support – builtin, lw, hd
– Intelligent scene interpretation and setup
– Procedural, HDRI and third-party sky support
– Automated light probe setup system;
– Automated reflection probe setup system;
– Time of day system for procedural skies
– Horizon blending system to minimize the clash between skies, fog and terrains
– 10+ matched hdri skyboxes and scene setups and more coming
– 30+ post-processing styles and more coming
– All configuration is profile-based, editable, and revertable
– Change settings in edit mode or at runtime as you please
– Automated dynamic depth of field system that works across pipelines
– Configurable lighting performance and quality settings
– Tested all the way through to 2019.2

Note: Volumetric lighting is only available with HDRP.

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