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Alphabet Rescue

Amazing Addicted unique rope puzzle the most fun game. help the Alphabet Lore to save from the room and cut the rope and swipe with finger! avoid the hurdles and pinch. Easy to play & Build your newest addiction!

The most fun and simple game in the world!
Help the Alphabet Lore.
He is tied up and confined in the room.
Swipe the rope with your finger and cut.
Can he avoid the pinch of desperate life?
It all depends on you!

Key features:
– Alphabet Lore Characters
– 50 unique levels.
– Great sound and music.
– Addictive gameplay.
– Innovative physics gameplay
– Amazing graphics
– game ready to be published, ads included (gley plugin) & ironsource mediation(Admob,fan,unity ads)
– small apk size 46mo
– Project Version Unity 2019.4.16
– support 64bit
– easy to reskin