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AllSky – 200+ Sky / Skybox Set

Download AllSky – 200+ Sky / Skybox Set Free Unity

A full palette of 200+ skies for Unity! Provided as 6-sided cube maps sized from x1024 to x2048 per-side along with an equirectangular cube map texture from 4k to 16k in size. Each has an example lighting setup scene!

– Various styles: Day, Night, Cartoon, Fantasy, Hazy, Epic, Space, Sunless and Moonless!

– For lighting artists, environment artists and indie developers looking for a wide suite of skies to light their environments.

– Lighting from day to night: Twilight, sunset, multiple times of day, multiple times of night, skyglow.

– Many kinds of weather and cloud types: Clear, overcast, summery, stormy, autumnal, hazy, epic, foggy, cumulus.

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