Allosaurus And Skeleton

Allosaurus And Skeleton is a 3D model package that contains different unique animations which will help to reduce your time-consuming work and increase workflow.

-Upgradeable to Extinct organisms pack

Ver1.4 .1WebPlayer Demo
Ver1.4 WebPlayer Demo
Ver1.3 WebPlayer Demo
Ver1.2 WebPlayer Demo
Ver1.1 WebPlayer Demo
Ver1.0 Web player demo
-The z-axis of this model is not forward direction. If you use this model as a third-person character, set camera target to AllosaurusCameraTarget.
-Models folder contains original fbx file of allosaurus.
Run and walk animations are compatible with root motion.
AllosaurusModelHigh:6588tris(For unity5.2.3 or higher only)
-Prefabs folder contains 17 types of prefabs of allosaurus.
Twelve of these prefabs are attached rigid body, collider, animator and scripts.
-Scenes folder contains a demo scene that uses the prefabs.

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Allosaurus And Skeleton v1.3.unitypackage – 35.36 MBDownload

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