All in One Game Kit – ELC Character System 3.4

Download All in One Game Kit – ELC Character System Free Unity

The All in One Game Kit is a PROFESSIONAL QUALITY game kit, with a third person, first-person, and 2.5D controller, designed to be the easiest and most effective way to implement character locomotion, combo jumping and wall jumping, attacks, swimming, ladder climbing and wall climbing, ledge climbing, and platforming into any game!

Works in the third person, first-person, and 2.5D mode! Supported on MOBILE devices!
Compatible with both Character Controllers and Rigidbodies!

(All features work in Unity and Unity Pro!)

3rd Person | 1st Person | 2.5D/Side-Scroller

EVERY SCRIPT in the All in One Game Kit is standalone, meaning that any script, or all of them, can be used apart from each other in any game imaginable, and still work perfectly!

The All in One Game Kit – ELC Character System is the perfect framework for ANY third-person, first-person, or 2.5D game, especially platforming and parkour games!
The ELC stands for Easy Ledge Climb, and this asset holds true to its name. It provides the user with countless ledge climbing and ledge grabbing capabilities that anybody can use in their own games!

Player script features:
– Idle
– Walk
– Run
(with or without the use of a run button)
– Crouch
– Slide down slopes
(with a user-defined speed and friction)
– Jump
(perform combo jumps with different heights and animations)
– Double jump
– Wall jump
– Swim
– Attack
(perform combo attacks with different strengths and animations)
– Climb ladders and walls
(defined by user-made tags, each with their own individual settings)
– Ride moving and rotating platforms
– Side-scrolling

Ledge climbing script features:
– Grab on to ledges
– Climb up and over ledges
– Move from side to side on ledges
– Jump from one ledge to another / switch ledges
– Grab back on to or jump off of a ledge that you just walked off of
– Climb moving and rotating platforms

All in One Game Kit ELC Character System Player health script features:
– Set the maximum health
– Receive damage from enemies, items, and falls
– Regain health over time and from items
– Respawn
– Set GUI images for the health

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