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AKTOR Narration System

Say it with AKTOR!

AKTOR is a universal template system for breathing life into your game’s narration. With a variety of easily customizable features it allows you to create any type of single-sided narration you would ever need – from fully animated NPCs, through in-game books or letters and Sci-Fi Audio Tapes, to cinematic fly-through vistas, Shopkeeper NPCs and Points of Interests. It was prepared to fit all your needs!

The AKTOR structure uses three basic components:

AKTOR_System script controls how a dialogue is played. Like an actor reading a screenplay and knowing his role (for example an NPC or a voice-over controller).

AKTOR_Screenplay, which holds the chain of text or audio responses, as well as info about what happens and what functions are called in a given dialogue.

AKTOR_Trigger gives you full control over when your dialogue starts.

1. Attach the AKTOR_System to your NPC object.
2. Create an empty game object and attach the AKTOR_Screenplay to it.
3. Create a Collider set as Trigger and attach the AKTOR_Triggerbox script to it (alternatively you can start any dialogue with a simple Function Call).
4. Fill out all their variables by using the awesome Integrated Documentation guaranteed in every asset by Fireballed Team – instead of going through tons of PDFs, just point your mouse at any inspector variable of the scripts to get in-depth mouse-over tooltips explaining what each feature does and what it requires to work!

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