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Aircraft Flight Physics Toolkit (helicopters and airplanes simulator)

Complete source code included, although no scripting skills are required: you can use it as easy as drag-and-drop.

Aircraft Flight Physics Toolkit Feature list:

– New: now includes weapons (guns and rockets).
– New: airflow laminar analyzer.
– New: virtual HUD.
– Fully compatible with Unity and Unity Pro.
– Integration with Unity Rigid-body Physics.
– Ready to use drag-and-drop airplane and helicopter prefabs, example test scene, everything ready for your project.
– Easy modelling from scratch or from schematics without programming.
– Generic components: for example, you can use the toolkit pivots to model any moving part without coding.
– Highly extensible and customizable: implements several types of components like engines and every piece is highly customizable.
– Debuging features: allow changing values during runtime and switchable debugging features: show found geometry, force vectors rendering and notifications.
– Helicopters modelling.
– Ready to use camera manager for flight simulators and input controls.
– Skybox rendering with light scattering.
– Atmospheric simulation: wind simulation with gusts and variable atmospheric conditions simulation for different altitudes (yes, you can go beyond the atmosphere, into space).
– Compatible with any kind of vehicle/thing: for example, you can model car aerodynamics.
– C# scripts for faster performance, complete source code included developer manual, lifetime upgrades and full support included (contact).
– Many more features are still planned (AFL profile import, missiles, sound-barrier effects, more examples). Buy now and they enjoy for free in the future! You can see the complete list of planned features on our website.

(*) “Now Aircraft Flight Physics Toolkit at $45 / 40% off for a limited time only”: this offer will remain until we prepare several new developer packages that will be included in this bundle. Finally, thanks to all for your email encouragements but remember, if you have a minute, you can also be left reviews on this page that will help to maintain the project and will help future discounts for everyone!

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