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AI Tree – Behavior Trees for Unity

Easy create complex AI behaviors using a lightweight and intuitive behavior tree graph!

AI Tree it’s a new approach to easily create incredibly lifelike AI behavior that adapts to changing environments and interacts with other objects in the game world!

For example, creating an interesting NPC using a standard graph system can require up to 30 nodes, while AI Tree allows you to achieve the better result with just 5 nodes. This saves time and simplifies the AI creation process.

✔️ NO DLL’s: All code are written in C# and open for modifications.

✔️ Official detailed youtube lessons: YouTube

✔️ Detailed documentation: Documentation

✔️ Active real-time support: Discord

One of the main advantages of AI Tree is the powerful perception and environment query systems. With these systems, the AI can navigate the world, pursue, choose the most suitable routepoints, adaptively hide behind shelters dynamic changing game world and much more!


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