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Agents Navigation – Crowds

Extension package for Agents Navigation that adds support for crowds and other features.

This package is an extension of existing agent navigation systems that provide alternative pathing solutions using flow/velocity fields for crowds. It is developed with DOTS in mind. As a result, it takes advantage of Unity’s latest technology stack, like SIMD mathematics, Jobs, Burst compiler and EntityComponentSystem. Additionally, there is hybrid mode support that enables using it with GameObjects in Object Oriented Programming.

Pillars of this package:

Seamless Unity Integration: Harmoniously integrates with existing Unity technology, supporting both mono and dots.

Intuitive and Streamlined UX: Offers a clean and simple user experience tailored for perfect alignment with Unity.

Optimized Performance Out of the Box: Ensures default high performance through parallelized and optimized code.

Clear Code Architecture: Adheres to clean coding practices with a clear architecture.
Employs a multi-layered API, facilitating low-level interactions.

Scalable and Modular Codebase: Built with scalability and modularity in mind, allowing easy extension with minimal package changes.

Can I use this in non ECS/Dots code?

Yes, there is a hybrid workflow where Game Object are synced with Entities. This allow to use this package in Object Oriented Programming too. Of course, it should be expected that performance going to be slightly worse.

Can I use it with ECS?

Yes, this package uses ECS.

What game genres this navigation targets?

This package is best suited for tower defense, battle simulations, massive RTS, and any other game genre that favors huge crowds. It is rumoured that similar solution was used in Supreme Commander 2.

Can I extend functionality?