African Animal Camel (Dromedary)

African Animal Camel (Dromedary) a High Poly 3D Model of a Dromedary Camel (Camelus dromedarius) with one hump on its back, in contrast to the two-humped Bactrian Camel, with meshes optimised to Low Poly version:
•Camel Dromedary – HP 8648 tris;
•Camel Dromedary – LP 4604 tris.
•Camel Dromedary – SLP 2536 tris.
The model has 35 bones.

•Camel Dromedary – 2 colour textures, one standard, one specular, one ambient occlusion maps (all 1k/2k).

Model has 18 UNIQUE animations (InPlace & RootMotion). The Unity project contains TWO[2] FBX Files, one with ‘In Place’ animations and second with ‘Root Motion’ animations, which are a GREAT ASSET to this model:

Walk, Run, Idle, LieDown, RestLying, StandUp, Eating Start/Eating/End, FightIdle, Hit Right/Left/Front/Back, Attack Bite/Head/Leg, Death, TurnsL/R, Turns Walk/Run, Walk Back.
V.2.0 Added 7 new animations V.2.01 Added 3 new animations -loop Trot, loop Trot Turn Left, loop Trot Turn Right.

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