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Adventure Creator lets you create ancient second, 2.5D and 3D journey games – those who emphasise storytelling, exploration and puzzles – like Monkey Island, Grim social dancing, The Longest Journey, and Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Created by the author of a commercial title, AC has all the options required to bring a standard journey to plug.

● Genre staples
Inventory, crafting, NPCs, dialogue, interactions, navigation, player-character switch, QTEs and game-saving are all enclosed.

● Visual scripting
Avoid writing, and build game logic with AC’s powerful ActionList system. Custom Action is blocked in to increase practicality.

● journey Creator in-depth documentation
A thorough manual, and hours of videos on making 2D, 2.5D and 3D games – moreover as merging with Unity’s own journey game.

● Movement choices
Easily switch between point-and-click, direct, and first-person movement designs – or code your own.

● Interaction choices
Design one-click, verb-bar and verb-coin interaction designs – or code your own.

● journey Creator Timeline support
Create cutscenes victimization Unity’s Timeline feature, and AC’s camera and speech tracks.

● Localisation
All show text and spoken dialogue are translated, and script sheets for voice actors are generated.

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  1. Emeka

    How do i download it ! It just puts a calender into my IOS!

    1. mdazhar007

      Click on search bar and search for how to download. You will know everything

      Hope this help

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