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Advanced Platformer 2D

Make your own 2D platformer!

Advanced Platformer 2D is a complete toolkit package dedicated to 2D platformer video games using Unity game engine.

For beginners and experienced users, it is made of a full set of features to help you creating your own 2D platformer.

Use available sample objects or create yours.
Quickly customize behaviors with user interface settings or do some scripting for more advanced customization.

Check the Web Site for more information.

YouTube channel available here.

Features :

– Optimized for 2D : it only uses Unity 2D native objects included from version 4.3 (physic, sprites, animations….).

– Real kinematic character : movement is entirely controlled and mastered (not using physic dynamic motion).

– a 2D character raycast “move and collide” toolkit => used to move a character in kinematic motion and collide properly with environment

– a complete character controller for common behaviors : walk, jump, slide, crouch, glide, wall jump…