Advanced People Pack

Download Advanced People Pack Free Unity. 

Want to populate the game world with unique peoples?
Then this asset is for you.

• Unity 2018.4 LTS
• Unity 2019.4 LTS
Compatibility is not guaranteed on newer versions!

Key Features
• NEW Save/Load character to json file.
• NEW Randomizer.
• Beard system.
• Emotions system.
• Save combine meshes to project (pre-build characters).
• Change the number of LODs.
• Fully customizable people.
• Body and Face customizer (blendshapes).
• Integrated mesh combiner.
• Prefab customizer for easy create unique people in editor.
• Support HDRP, URP v.7.3.1.
• Modular body parts and clothes.
• 3 LOD level for all meshes.
• RGB Skin, Hair, Eye, Underpants, Oral cavity, Teeth color changer.
• Mecanim Humanoid Rig.
• Demo script for character customizer, and clean API for working with script.
• Included icons for all outfits.


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