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Advanced Multiplayer Game Template

This advanced and complete multiplayer game template includes everything you need to create your own advanced multiplayer video game.

This complete multiplayer game template and its included important features are designed to create a advanced multiplayer video game. Below are listed all the important features:

⚙️Feature List:

✓- Master Server, Game Server and Sub Server System

This template comes with a very stable and powerful master server, game server and sub-server system that allows your players to create their own sub-servers, which once created will be displayed in the server list of your other players and can be easily joined.

✓- Strong and Secure Player Data Save System

The template comes with a secure and strong save system that stores player account data, statistics and general data, such as xp, currency, items and placed build items securely encrypted on the master server and is not dependent on third parties such as Mysql servers.

✓- Player Authentication (Registration and Login) System

This template includes a strong and secure registration and login system that allows your players to create a player account and log in with it. The master server automatically saves all the player’s data to the player’s account.

✓- Vehicles

The template includes a whole multiplayer vehicle system with very important powerful components. The vehicle system contains the following features:

↳ ✓- Player and npc vehicle theft/stealing

The car theft system allows your players to pull out other players and npcs that are in a vehicle and steal their vehicle. It also allows npcs to steal the vehicle of a player or another npc. The system includes professional and realistic car theft animations.

↳ ✓- Vehicle enter and exit

The template comes with a powerful vehicle enter and exit system that allows, among other features, the addition of unlimited amount of seats to a vehicle and the transfer of the ownership of a vehicle after entering and exiting.

↳ ✓- Vehicle damage

↳ ✓- Vehicle lights, including turn signals

↳ ✓- Vehicle weapons, including machine guns and rockets

↳ ✓- Vehicle AI/Traffic system

✓- Items and Inventory

Various item types are available in the template, including weapons, ammunition, consumables, outfits and companion items. Items can be easily added thanks to the powerful scriptable item system included in the template. The powerful inventory system allows your players to easily select, move, split, drop and equip items after collecting, earning or purchasing them in the item shop.

✓- Weapons and Ammunition

Weapons can be equipped by your players, and used with the required ammunition. Each weapon contains adjustable variables, such as damage value, acquisition value, sale value, required ammunition, firing sound, weapon type, firing rate, model, inventory icon and rarity. In the template are weapons types, such as pistols, rifles and rocket launchers. Weapons can cause damage to other players and vehicles, especially explosive weapons, like the rocket launcher, because the projectiles have an individual explosion radius on impact.

✓- Outfits/Skins

Thanks to the outfit/skin system included in the template, you can provide your players with outfit/skin items for purchase in the item store, so they can change the look of their game character.

✓- Companions/Pets

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