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Advanced Hair Shader Pack

Advanced Hair Shader Pack is a collection of shaders focused on making your hairs specularity look more realistic. All shaders will cast and receive shadows and have controllable transparency.
Unity Webplayer Demo

!!! Models are not included, only shaders !!!!
Sample Textures are included.
new in version 1.004:
new direct3d 11 support
new Mobile optimized shaders
new Tube shaders
new directional highlights in u or v versions
new double-sided shaders
new normal map shaders
new example Marmoset Skyshop shader integration
Buy it now before the price goes up when I add new surface types!
In the package:

You can download all the latest features of Advanced Hair Shader Pack free for unity, also there are so many VFX assets available for you 

Aniso_Circular – a simple shader that creates a circular specularity

Aniso_Kajiya – uses the Kajiya-Kay technique for more realistic specularity

Aniso_Scheuermann – Similar to above it adds 2 shifted highlights

Note: Shaders in forwarding Rendering will look correct with only 1 pixel light, more pixel lights will cause some colouring on transparent sections of hair. Shaders in Deferred Rendering support many pixel lights without this problem.