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Advanced FPS Counter

== Memory Counter features ==
Total private memory.
Allocated memory.
Mono memory.
GFX Driver memory (Unity 2018+, dev build).
Optional Precise mode for extra accuracy.
Customizable colour.

== Device Information Counter features ==
Customizable colour.
OS: name and Platform type.
CPU: model, cores count.
GPU row 1: the full model name.
GPU row 2: API name and type.
GPU row 3: shader model & VRAM.
RAM: total amount on the current device.
– resolution & refresh rate
– window size & screen DPI
Model: device model.

== Common features == 
Optional background (invisible) mode.
Global hotkey to enable/disable the plugin.
Global gesture to enable/disable the plugin.
Force FPS option to simulate a low-end device.
Keep Alive option to survive scene switches.
Flexible counters anchoring.
Smart “dirty” update system.
Independent update intervals of counters.
Background effect
Text Shadow & Outline effects
Custom colours and style for each counter.
Custom scale, font, spacing, pixel offsets.
And more (see screenshots)!

Detail asset from Unity Asset Store:

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