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Advanced Edge Detection

Easily add clear edge-detected outlines to boost your game visuals and give it a unique style. Use a wide variety of features to make the edges actually look good in your game.

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Normals and Depth Buffer Edge Detection
Acute Angles Fix: Resolves common issues with steep angles in depth edge detection.
Depth Fade: Ensures the clarity of outlines even at greater distances.
Sketch/Hand-Drawn Effects: Add sketch, grain, and UV offset effects for a stylized appearance.
Custom Masking: Select which objects should have outlines and which shouldn’t.
Edge Read: Utilize edge detection data in transparent shaders for custom behaviors, such as water effects.
Custom Data Edge Detection (only for URP): Eliminate common artifacts and achieve detailed edge detection by detecting edges based on object IDs, vertex colors, and custom textures.
Simple Integration: Easily incorporate into your project.
Comprehensive Customization: Adjust each feature to suit your specific needs.

You can combine it with Toon Shader and/or Toon Detailer to achieve an even more stylized look.