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Advanced Dissolve

Download Advanced Dissolve FREE Unity. 

Advanced Dissolve Core features:
Advanced Dissolve using dynamic mask objects: Sphere, Box, Cylinder, Cone, Plane, Per-Axis (X,Y,Z). Simultaneously can be used 4 objects.
• Multiple texture blend for alpha cutout and edge noise control.
• UV, Triplanar and Screen-Space dissolve projection.
• Various edge color controllers, including simple color, gradient and ramp textures.
• Solid, Smooth and Noisy edges.
• Color emission is visible to Global Illumination system.
• Fully compatible with Unity post-processing and image effects.
• Includes Standard, Physically Based, Legacy, One Directional Light, VertexLit, Unlit, Particle, Unity Nature and SpeedTree shaders.
• Compatible with TextMesh Pro.

Temporarily bonus Lightweight Render Pipeline shaders*

• Fixed shaders not compiling if the package is not inside the main Assets folder.
Now package can be placed anywhere inside project.
• Fixed Physically Based shaders not compiling on mobile platforms.
• Fixed GUI for Standard shaders.
• Improved Lightweight RP shaders, example scenes and package importer.
• Added Lightweight RP shaders (requires Unity 2018.2.5 or newer and Unity Lightweight Render Pipeline v3.0.0, check Packages folder).
Note, LWRP shaders are temporarily bonused and will be released as a separate package.
• Fixed shadows for Standard shaders.
• Dropping support for Unity 5.6
• Added scenes from PC Demo. Remove Example folder before updating.
• With new completely re-written core algorithm dissolve effect now can be used in diffuse and emission part of the shader separately and allows to use even dark colors (e.g. black) for dissolve edge color.
• Added new mask types: Cylinder and Cone.
• All mask types now can use 4 objects simultaneously.
• Added transparent shaders support.
• Added Screen-Space dissolve.
• Added new texture types to be used with edge color (dynamic gradient, MainMap, custom color texture).
• Edge color can be Solid or Smooth.
• Added edge UV distortion effect.
• Improved light emission part and better integration with Global Illumination system.
• Improved material editor, example scenes and documentation.
• Many other improvements and optimizations.
• Added particle shaders
• Added TextMeshPro shaders
• Plane and Sphere masks can use multiple objects.
• Fixed shader compilation errors in Unity 2018.1
• Box mask supports non-uniform scale
• Added Box mask option.
• Material editor options effected by Global Controller are greyed out (rendered disabled).
• Bug fixes.
• Compatible with Unity 5.6
• Added shader parameters Global Controller.
• Added Cutout option for the MainTexture. The material will behave as common Alpha Cutout shader.
• Added Mobile One Directional Light shader
• Added SpeedTree and Unity Nature (tree) shaders.
• Added physically based shaders (metallic and specular).
• Triplanar dissolve effect now can be activated directly from the editor without changing material shader.
• Fixed shader compilation errors.