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Additive Scene Manager

Download Additive Scene Manager FREE Unity.

This tool makes scene loading, unloading, and reloading easy. It provides a set of functions that simplifies the asynchronous loading and unloading of additive scenes. Includes a custom inspector to display which scenes are loading/loaded so it’s easy to understand what is happening with Unity’s SceneManager and what loading stage each scene is at.

The SceneController.cs class gives the ability to:
– Easy loading, unloading, and reloading in Unity 5.
– Add scenes that will be loaded when the game starts.
– Add ‘persistent’ scenes that will not be unloaded by SceneController’s Unload functions.
– View all scenes which are currently loaded by Unity’s SceneManager class.
– View what loading stage each scene is at.
– Set the allowSceneActivation boolean via toggle.
– Load new scenes into the editor or at runtime.
– Bake lighting on multiple scenes simultaneously via the Lightmapping.BakeMultipleScenes API function.

A demo project is included and as well as a script to utilize the SceneController functions so you can get asynchronous additive scenes working in your project without using any code.

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