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Actor Waypoints v4.26

Actor Waypoints Free Download Unreal Engine Asset. 

Quickly get actors in your scene moving for simple motion or pre-visualization, tutorials included. Learn the fundamentals of blueprint-based actor translation, rotation, movement smoothing, line visualization, and event triggering by examining the well-organized and commented blueprints. Feel free to grab chunks of the blueprints and do whatever you want with them.

Drag and drop target points into your scene, snap a waypoint component onto each of your movable actors, and add waypoints by selecting target points by name or selecting them directly in the level. Accept the default or set the time or speed each actor will take from waypoint to waypoint. Enable looping to make an actor continue around waypoints indefinitely.

To see travel lines, snap the waypoint visualizer component onto your actor and customize line color, duration, and thickness. The waypoint visualizer provides editable line colors for different stages of each actor’s movement (move to first waypoint, waypoint to waypoint, and loop) and draws them in the level during play.

Do anything enabled by blueprints as actors travel by using waypoint change and movement complete events (requires blueprinting, but entirely optional).

List of Features:

* Waypoint List Construction

* Smooth Movement Between Waypoints

* Time Between Waypoints Editable

* Speed Between Waypoints Editable

* Starting Delay Editable

* Auto-Rotation Toggle

* Waypoint Visualization

* Visualization Coloring Editable

* In Place Enable/Disable Toggles

* Change Waypoint Event

* Finished Moving Event
Technical Details