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Actor Controller – An advanced character controller

Download Actor Controller – An advanced character controller FREE Unity

Assume responsibility or take full control of your characters with the this uniquely created pack!

The Actor Controller is a propelled character controller for use in a game and with a character. It’s a satiny swap for Unity’s default character controller that is worked in view of effortlessness and execution.

Propelled highlights include:

* Walking on dividers

* Moving and turning with stages

* Handling super-quick development

* Limiting and sliding on slants

* Orienting to the ground

* Moving with nav networks

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  1. harry

    guys i really like your site and i always accept your ad’s but what the heck 50kb/s for a file to get downloaded? Realllyyyy ??!!!

    1. Unityassets4free

      Check your internet connection mate!… we have uploaded the file to either file upload or google drive to make sure you guys don’t complain regarding speed

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