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Download acParkour FREE Unity. 

requires a copy of UFPS 1.4.9

It is currently NOT OPTIMIZED for Mobile

We would like to present to you acParkour with UFPS’s FULL BODY AWARENESS integration. With this update, we would like to introduce to you, Selanus Tian, custom made model to take full advantage of both UFPS and acParkour’s advantages, letting you create immersive free-running experience in First Person.

acParkour is a spinoff from the popular UltimateFPS for Unity. This add-on will allow you to increase MOBILITY and the FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT for your game, expanding the already robust UFPS kit. Inspired from games like EA Mirror’s Edge, we aim to provide an excellent first person parkour platform for Unity. acParkour is currently used in our upcoming free-running shooter ASCEND .

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