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Abilities: Game Creator 2

Supercharge your game with highly flexible RPG abilities within minutes !


⚡With Abilities, It’s DESIGN TIME !!!⚡


Abilities is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. No need to code, you can add your custom logic directly in the inspector with simple instructions to quickly prototype your ideas.

Easy to customize with your own assets and integrate with your work.

For those dev types out there, special care has been given to the code so that it is self documented, easy to understand and to extends.

Engineers will love working with our assets.

A lot of tools are already implemented to get a wide range of RPG abilities inside your game within minutes ! Check out our website or the documentation for more information.

Please visit the discord server for support.

This module requires Game Creator 2 in order to work.


※ Whats inside ? ※


Abilities are defined by 5 differents systems.


❶ Targeting system:

Let you choose how the targets are selected.

❷ Activation sytem:

Let you choose how the ability is executed.