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ABC Integration: Game Creator 2

An integration with Game Creator 2 for the Ability & Combat Toolkit allowing you to add combat & weapons to your Game Creator 2 powered games!

** Requires Ability & Combat Toolkit & Game Creator 2 to be installed first **

This Integration further increases the potential of Game Creator 2 by adding Ability & Combat Toolkit (ABC) based functionality to your games.

Ability & Combat Toolkit (ABC) is a Unity Editor Extension Asset which allows you to easily add weapons and create abilities from melee attacks to magic spells with no coding required.

The integration allows you to:

Add attacks, abilities and more to Game Creator 2
Add ABC specific actions like enabling abilities, activating abilities, equipping weapons and much more!
Add ABC weapons to Game Creator 2 chests which can be picked up and placed in your character inventory!
Equip ABC weapons & abilities from the Game Creator 2 inventory.
Unlock ABC abilities on level up
Link ABC collisions to Game Creator events like opening a door with certain ABC spells
Trigger Game Creator 2 instructions which can run at different ability stages, like decreasing a state value on initiation or applying GC 2 status effects on hit
Link Game Creator 2 stats with ABC, have attack power change depending on your characters stats