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Ability Combat Toolkit

Download Ability Combat Toolkit Free Unity. 

Ability & Combat Toolkit (ABC) is a Unity Editor Extension which allows you to easily add or create weapons, attacks, spells and abilities. The toolkit also includes many other combat related functionality like stat management and AI for many different game types.

‌Each ability can be configured to apply an infinite number of effects like healing an ally, modifying a stat, pushing an object or damaging an enemy. ABC integrates with other assets including Game Creator and comes with an optional movement controller, a wide variety of animations, characters, graphics and audio effects.

‌All configuration options are held in easy to navigate UI windows which includes a character creator and a global portal with a library full of premade weapons/abilities/effects for you to modify or add to your games. You also have the option to build up the library with your own creations ready to add to future projects in seconds.

‌Over 30,000 lines of code have been written to jump start the combat in your game with a click of a few buttons.