A+ Assets Explorer

and more …

What can this asset do?

A+ Assets Explorer aims to deal with the pain above and more others… it has tools to control assets and enhance workflow, is ready for a large project. It also has a free version with limited features, we can get and try it from here.

What’re the features?

✓ Searching and Sorting: multiple asset properties searching is available
✓ Renaming: Allow rename multiple assets at one click and with live new name preview before renaming.
✓ Find unused assets: make your project clean, and can backup assets before deleting
✓ Find assets references: Find assets references in Project and Hierarchy
✓ Blacklist: hide the assets which you don’t want show in Assets Explorer
✓ Data headers customization: Show only the properties you are interested in
✓ Assets statistics: Know the number of an asset category easily
✓ Tags and Layers Usage: Show assets using a specific tag or layer
✓ Data Exporter: Export data to CSV file
✓ Color theme: Classic, Personal and Pro theme
✓ Workflow improvement tools: Open Unity special folder, build manager and prefab tool
✓ And more…

Workflow improvement tools:
• QuickFolderOpener: open Unity special folder
• Build Manager: scene overview, quick navigation and build settings config/save/restore
• Prefab Tool: Bulk operations, like creating, apply and revert etc

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: Know more

Now download A+ Assets Explorer FREE Unity

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