You are currently viewing 60+ Painterly Terrain Textures

60+ Painterly Terrain Textures

Download 60+ Painterly Terrain Textures FREE Unity

Create gorgeous terrains! Whimsy Lab proudly brings you this masterfully hand-painted collection of over 60 perfectly-seamless terrain textures, ideal for bringing your games beautiful and rich terrain environments:

– Over 60 stunning terrain textures/splat maps
– Rich terrain soils and earth in various hues
– Forest floor terrains with leaves, twigs and roots
– Clover and grass terrains
– Wildflowers, jasmine and forget-me-nots
– Beautifully painted terrain cliff faces
– Stones and terrain mosses
– Impressionist terrain variants of above
– 512×512, clean and perfectly seamless terrain textures
– Instructions for learning terrain painting

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