You are currently viewing 50s, 60s and 70s Car Pack (6 Cars)

50s, 60s and 70s Car Pack (6 Cars)

This Asset Includes:

-6 Vehicles Assets

-Each vehicle in its own file with separate documentation and licenses along with their prefabs

-A demo scene to showcase all vehicles in one scene

LOD/Mesh Info:

1950s Classic Car:

-LOD_1 (Detail): 18,422 tris

-LOD_2: 14,376 tris

-LOD_3: 5,873 tris

-LOD_4: 4,173 tris

1960s Muscle Car:

-LOD_1 (Detail): 19,788 tris

-LOD_2: 15,394 tris

-LOD_3: 6,133 tris

-LOD_4: 3,738 tris

1950s Hot Rod:

-LOD_1 (Detail): 26,614 tris

-LOD_2: 20,688 tris

-LOD_3: 7,828 tris

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