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3DFOIN Dragon

3DFOIN Dragon is a 3d character for fantasy games as well as for others. People like dragons because they symbolize power, freedom, and magic, their mythology has intrigued mankind for hundreds of years. Throughout human history, people have been fascinated with them. These fantastical beasts have appeared in the myths and legends of almost every world culture. Now you can put these ultimate mythical beasts of legend to your levels!


– Fully rigged, textured and animated.
– 6 colour options.
– Animations: stand, idle, attack 1, attack 2, breath fire, whiptail, hit 1, hit 2, death, walk, run, fly, fly attack, fly breath fire, fly fast, fly hit, fly death
– Polygon count: 5756 Triangles.
– Textures: 2048×2048 6 diffuse maps (32bit alpha), normal map, specular map.

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